Rescue Work

The Arizona Great Pyrenees Rescue Association is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to rescuing stray, abandoned, or sick purebred Great Pyrenees dogs and placing them in homes that will provide a high level of care, love, and compassion.

We diligently work with animal shelters, pounds, and other agencies to locate distressed Great Pyrenees and aid them back to health and happiness.These Great Pyrenees dogs come to us from all over the state of Arizona some as displaced family pets, some as livestock guardians. All dogs are thoroughly temperament tested before being placed in foster care. While in foster care, routine medical treatment is administered (heart worm tests, necessary shots, including rabies, plus other reasonable and necessary treatment the dog may require). All animals are micro chipped for future identification.

Should a Great Pyrenees come into rescue intact, whether male or female, the animal will be surgically altered before final placement. AZ Pyrenees Rescue does not place dogs for breeding purposes. It is also our utmost desire to keep Great Pyrenees out of the hands of laboratories, animal dealers, puppy mills, and similar enterprises.

AZ Great Pyrenees Rescue also provides educational seminars, grooming advise and assistance, dietary consultation, and training assistance to newly adopted Great Pyrenees owners.