In depth database of Pyr articles and infomation presented by Great Pyrenees Club of California or by another regional Pyr club newsletters. Copyrights are held by the authors.

Suggested reading/viewing:
The Great Pyrenees Club of America, Handbook, by Mary Crane/ Holflin Publishing.
A Handbook of breed history being a complete chronicle of breed events from the earliest history pf the breed to June 1949. 1949, 8 vol, 680 pages, fold out charts, photos. This compressive books is regarded as the Great Pyrenees Bible to many of today’s top breeders.

The Complete Great Pyrenees , by Paul Strang and James M. Grifin /Howell Publishing, 1977 (1st ed, 1st printing) 288 pages. Written by the editor and publisher of the Great Pyrenees Review and the Chairman of the Committee which revised the breed standard in 1975. Many black and white photos.

The New Complete Great Pyrenees, by Paul D. Strang, Howell Publishing, 1991
Most up-to-date publication on the Pyr covering everything from Molosser ancestry through development in Europe to the Pyr’s present day popularity in the US. Also includes in-depth discussions on choosing a puppy, training, care. etc. 256 pages

A New Owners Guide to Great Pyrenees, by Kim Lasley,TFH Publishing, 2001
Designed to assist new owners in all prospects of living with this energetic working breed.
160 pages/Illustrated

How to Raise and Train a Great Pyrenees, by Edith Smith /TFK Publications, 1964
64 pages

The Great Pyrenees – From France with Love, by Joe Gentzel, 2002
Origins of the breed, health and genetics, importations, historic kennels of France, extensive bibliography & much more. 324 pages, 600 illustrations and photos, 150 pedigrees w/genetic data.

Ain’t Life Grand with a Great Pyrenees Guarding the Flock, by Beverly Coate, C&C Farms//publisher, 1993

The Great Pyrenees – One of the Newest Breeds in America and one of the oldest in Europe, Will Seymour Monrow, 1936

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog, by John Gordon 1978 Edinburgh VIII,104 pages, Illustrated

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog, by the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain, Foyles, London, 1976, 1st edition, 93 pages, Illustrated

Pyrenean Dogs, by Charles Duconte, Kay& Ward/ 1983

The Great Pyrenees Annual, Hoflin Publications

AKC Breed Video – Great Pyrenees, by the American Kennel Club
A visual representation of the AKC breed standard

Breed all About it – The Great Pyrenees, Discovery Channel
VHS copy of the original presentation of the popular television show.