Arizona Great Pyrenees Dogs Association is a recognized member of the Great Pyrenees Club of America as well as a member-in -good-standing with Pets911 and the Maricopa County New Hope Program.

AZPyrs was founded on the premise that Great Pyrenees dogs are truly working dogs. Pyrs have the innate ability to accomplish many tasks – not “just” be pretty dogs in the show ring!

Great Pyrenees excel at such tasks as carting and social/pet therapy. They are excellent livestock guardians as well as wonderful family pets. Many Pyrs have tried their ‘paws’ in the agility and obedience rings. AZPyrs wants to explore ALL aspects of this magnificent breed.

We are a new and different type of club – a fun club – with the emphasis on FUN! Getting to know our members personally, along with their dogs, is of the utmost importance to us. Communal exchanges of ideas and opinions, grooming and handling tips, and dietary advice is paramount.

Much of AZPyrs time is concentrated on Great Pyrenees Rescue. AZPyrs actively fosters and re-homes purebred Great Pyrenees throughout the entire state. AZPyrs schedules many informational, educational and fun social events for the enjoyment of Great Pyrenees fanciers.

Be sure to check out our ever-changing “EVENTS” calendar! Yes – we are busy, busy, busy – but, as always, open to ideas and suggestions from our members. For information how you can become a member of AZPyrs